Thursday, April 05, 2007

Utility of Mollier's diagram for steam and water properties

Does Mollier's diagram still have it's utility when cute compact software for steam and water properties are easily available ? Yes it does. It gives real insight to the nature of changes of the property parameters and the corresponding pahse changes. Well, bulky printed diagrams do pose problem of readablity and error due to required interpolation, but Mollier's diagram software helps to overcome many of those problems. Using such software one can generate his own tilormade diagram with required lines in interactive way and even print them as required. Any point on the diagram can be very convinently located on the diagram with minimum input. Even expansion line, as very common for steam turbine operation, can be accurately drawn and demonstrated. These software are very useful as teaching aid and the students can take full advatage to conceptualize the subject. I suggest every engineer working with steam and water properties must procure one such software for his personal use in design and analysis. I suggest to visit to learn more. I invite readers to contribute on the subject.

Amit Bhaduri